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Party Rentals

Party Rentals - Table settings, decorations, platters, etc... 

I have alot of available rentals, including plates (matching dinner size and cake size), water glasses, wine glasses, silverware, large platters and bowls, and even cake stands and decorative platters. I also have linens and cloth napkins. I have enough of everything for 250 people.
This will give you a much more formal look, no need for plastic plates and paper napkins, this is affordable!
I have new package and rentals combo available.
This is great if you decide to use all my rentals and decorations and you want the "best of the best" package. The combo is exactly how it sounds, it combines the "best of the best" package with the use of all of my table settings, meaning - linens, napkins, plates, glasses, silverware, and servingware.  The combo package is $1200.00 for a wedding under 200 people, and $1400.00 for a wedding over 200 people.



My rentals and rates:
linens                   $5.00
napkins                $ .20
plates                   $ .50
glasses                 $ .10
silverware             $ .50 per set
Plastic Platters      $1.50
Plastic bowls         $1.50
Glass platters        $3.00
Cake stands          $4.00 + up
Decorative stands  $5.00
I only rent my items out to events I am hired for. This ensures all of my equipment is well maintained and I always know where it has been!
This also means I will set up and take down everything you rent from me. That will save you  alot of time and cleaning. For an extra $50.00 I will also pick up your tables and chairs and return them.
 If you compare this to other rental companies it is probably very close in price and with me I am setting everything up for you, the other companies don't do that!  I  will also be available the entire day of the wedding to help out wherever needed to make the day run smoothly.

These are some pictures from the bridal show in Grants Pass in January. All of the items are items that I can rent out. I have lots of large beautiful platters, cake stands, bowls, and decorative stands to make your food table something to remember!


R P Planning  318 Adeline Drive  Grants Pass Or 97527
(541)955-5135 or (541)218-2274