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Really Perfect Planning

Party Rentals
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Party Rentals - Table settings, decorations, platters, etc... 

I have alot of available rentals, including plates (matching dinner size and cake size), water glasses, wine glasses, silverware, large platters and bowls, and even cake stands and decorative platters. I also have linens and cloth napkins. I have enough of everything for 250 people.
This will give you a much more formal look, no need for plastic plates and paper napkins, this is affordable!
These prices are only for reference. Please meet with me. I am very flexible with rentals, and if you decide to go with the combo package, I will definetly cut you a great price for everything you will need.


My rentals and rates:
linens                   $5.00
napkins                $ .20
plates                   $ .50
glasses                 $ .10
silverware             $ .50 per set
Plastic Platters      $1.50
Plastic bowls         $1.50
Glass platters        $3.00
Cake stands          $4.00 + up
Decorative stands  $5.00
I only rent my items out to events I am hired for. This ensures all of my equipment is well maintained and I always know where it has been!
This also means I will set up and take down everything you rent from me. That will save you  alot of time and cleaning. For an extra $50.00 I will also pick up your tables and chairs and return them.

I am able to custom order almost anything for your wedding. Whether you need a specific linen, or a fabulous arbor, I can probably get it done. I also now have a canopy to rent, and a dance floor coming soon!  



R P Planning - Riese Proudfit
 318 Adeline Drive  Grants Pass Or 97527