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Our Packages

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Below are our available packages and prices. The prices may vary depending on the size and the details of your event.

My goal is to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their day without any worries. I don't want them to work at anything. Your wedding day is a very important day that starts your new life together, you need to enjoy every minute of it.

All packages will include unlimited phone calls between client and planner. All packages also include help with the rehearsal dinner, and full set up of all the wedding decorations and table settings. For the wedding ceremony I will be there to be sure everything runs smooth, and to make sure everyone is ready on time. For the reception I will be sure all of your guests are happily fed. I will make sure the music is right, the cake is served and everything in between.  I am there to make sure everything happens exactly how you want it, while you enjoy the day. I stay until the last wedding tradition is done to make sure everything happens how you want it to. I don't want you or your family to work at this wedding, leave it all to me!

Base Package  "silver"
Starts at $250.00
This package is perfect for small events, or for someone that has most of the planning already done. With this package, I will include three hours for the rehearsal. I also include one face to face meeting (usually the week before) to go over all the details. For the day of the event I will arrive very early to set up everything and make sure it is all exactly how you want it. I will help you get all the details perfect, and make sure the day go by smoothly and beautifully.   My goal is that you won't have to do anything but get married. For an additional $50.00 I will pick up and return all of your rentals for you, this includes tables, chairs, linens, tuxes, you name it.

Middle Package "Gold"

Starts at $450.00

This package includes all that is in the base package plus a little more! This package is for someone that just needs a little help. Perfect if you have most of your ideas and vendors already arranged but need help putting it all together. Or maybe you need help reserving items, or calling people because you just don't have the time or the know how. I will make all the calls you need to make to reserve your items, and book all the vendors you choose. I will make sure everyone is on the same page! This package includes three face -to- face meetings, either with you or your vendors or both!

I recomend this package if you are thinking about the base package, you never know when you could use the extra help. The meetings can be used any way you wish, for making the favors, or deciding on the cake! With this package I will also communicate with all your vendors, the base package doesn't include that. That can be a huge time saver for you! 


Best of the Best!  "Platinum"
Starts at $850.00
This package includes everything you can imagine. I will do everything you need, You won't need to lift a finger if you don't want to. I will arrange everything, from the site to the food, the dancing to the decorations. This package includes unlimited meetings, I will meet with all your vendors, and even help you pick your dress and tuxes if you want!! Also included with this package, I will pick up all your rentals, I will set up all your tables, chairs and decorations,  and I will help with some of the clean up and return your rentals after it is all over. I will help with the food and drinks and make sure the music is right. I will address all you invitations and even make sure they are mailed on time. I will also take all your R.S.V.P.'s to keep your guest count up to date. 
 With this package you, your fiance, and your families will be able to relax and enjoy your ceremony and reception without any worries. Whatever problems arrise will be for me to handle and for you to never even know about! This package will allow you to continue with your busy everyday life without any added wedding stress. I am always a phone call away to handle anything that comes up!
I also offer a combo package, it includes everything in the best of the best package plus some of my rentals. Prices are $1200.00 for a wedding under 200 people and $1400.00 for a wedding over 200 people.  Please call for rental details!

R P Planning  318 Adeline Drive  Grants Pass Or 97527
(541)955-5135 or (541)218-2274