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  My goal as your event planner is to help you have a wonderful experience planning and enjoying your party.

  I am sure you are wondering if an event planner is necessary for you, many people think they are too expensive. I have talked to a lot of people in this area that were unhappy with their planner and have spread the word that it isn't a good idea. I am here to change that rumor. I have very affordable prices and I will help you with a lot more than the average planner. 

  Many people believe planners just direct the traffic and tell everyone there places, I will do that but I will also be at the site hours before anyone else to set up the tables, chairs, decorations, food, cake and anything else you could imagine. I will talk with your vendors to make sure the photographer takes the correct pictures. I will talk to the caterers to make sure the food looks fresh and delicious and the food table is decorated to perfection. I will make sure your officiant knows what to say, and your father is on time to walk you down the isle. I will also cut your cake for your guests and pour champagne for the toasts. 

  As your wedding planner I want to make sure the whole wedding comes together so that it is a very organized and seemless day, with no awkward moments, or bored guests. I also want to make your wedding very personal to you. Nobody wants a generic wedding. I want to make it yours! I treasure the little details, I think a wedding should reflect the couple getting married, I can work with any budget to make your wedding a beautiful, elegant, personal event, no matter how big or small!

R P Planning  318 Adeline Drive  Grants Pass Or 97527
(541)955-5135 or (541)218-2274